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Detachable PU+vip
Name: Detachable PU+vip
Description: Detachable insulation package box (above 120h)
Detachable insulation box is mainly constituted by Vacuum insulation panel as core insulated layer with six pieces composite panel, the insulation box is inserted inside high strength and light plastic box and mutual extrusion to constitute a whole. The composite panel has high elastic resilience and the joint decrease the leakage because of elastic extrusion. The structure of composite panel is protection surface material (diverse and customized) + vacuum insulation panel + high elastic polyurethane.

Product features
1、Excellent insulation performance: using vacuum insulation panel as core insulated layer and the thermal conductivity is lower than 0.0015W/(k.m), hotbridge is low and insulation time can last above 120H
2、Volume is small and the weight is light, impact resistance
3、Using environmental material
4、Appearance is beautiful and not easy to be dirty.
5、 The incubator of insulation box can be detachable after cold chain transportation. The high strengthen plastic box can folded and can save big space for transportation.
6、 The single composite panel can be changed.

Product performance
1、Test result:
2-8℃ temperature can last above 132 h
2、Test condition:
Insulation package capacity: 48 Liters
Environmental temperature: average temperature 34℃
5℃ coolant discharging time of 30 minutes (0 C frozen)

Product application:
Storage and transportation of Vaccine, Pharmaceutical, Insulin, HAS, Clinical specimen, Ice cream, Fresh health product